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Let Us Help You Create Compelling Product Descriptions!

At Alpha, we write compelling product descriptions that drive sales. We focus on the value and benefits of your products, rather than just the features. Product descriptions should tell the full product story, while keeping the target audience in mind.

 According to data shared by OneSpace, up to 98% of online shoppers have said they were dissuaded from purchasing something due to a lack of product content. That’s a lot of potential customers! Alpha writes strong product descriptions that present the product as a solution and compel your customers to make the purchase.

 Plus, we always optimize your product descriptions according to SEO best practices, using relevant and strategic keywords and researching as necessary.

Here’s How It Works

Alpha provides a copywriting service in which we write unique, compelling and high-converting product descriptions for your Amazon products or your Shopify or WooCommerce Ecommerce stores.

Step 1: Set up a consultation call.

Step 2: Alpha reviews your products and a scope of the work.

Step 3: We provide you with a quote.

Step 4: We finalize the content.

Step 5: We send you the report where you can review the information and directly upload the content onto your website.

We also offer our services after the initial review is complete. We want to make sure that the recommendations in our report were helpful to site traffic and SEO.

Additional services available upon request:

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Why Are Product Descriptions Important?

A strong product description on your website is important for three main reasons.

At Alpha, we have experience writing strong product descriptions for
our clients. We know what works and we know what gets results.

What Makes a Product Description Strong?

More Organic Site Traffic and Sales!

Ready to partner with Alpha to get your product descriptions optimized for sales? Let’s get started today!